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 The Careers Services Office

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The Careers Services Office Εκτύπωση E-mail

The Careers Services Office has been established since 1997 and is co-funded by European Programmes and national funds. The CSO plays a pivotal networking role across the university, supporting AUA students and graduates on their studies and career opportunities. Keeping up with the changing labour market and meeting the demands for flexibility and adaption to ongoing changes, the CSO  is committed to providing professional guidance, resources and access to training, employment, career and lifelong learning opportunities.

The aim of the CSO is to:

  • Provide AUA students and graduates with timely and reliable information on Agriculture education & training and Agriculture career opportunities.
  • Inform AUA students on postgraduate studies, scholarships/grants and financial endowments.
  • Provide guidance on resume/CV writing & cover letter
  • Organize /offer individual or team counseling to students with learning difficulties/disabilities
  • Support students and graduates to start up their own business/ develop entrepreneurial activity.
  • Provide information and support to students who would like to participate in European mobility programmes
  • Provide high school students with information on agricultural studies offered  by the AUA Departments
  • Network the AUA with the labour market
  • Build up bridges of communication among the AUA and academic institutions in Greece and abroad

The CSO webpage is updated and enriched daily for users to stay better informed. Besides, to this purpose, the CSO  events, seminars & workshops, along with publication and distribution of information booklets.

  • Following up student’s academic progress is an innovative and highly important topic that the CSO pays great attention to, by providing expert counseling to students who may have / are found out to have:
  • Specific learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia)
  • Learning difficulties
  • Specific learning needs due to a disorder / impairment
  • Delinquent behavior
  • autism
  • emotional disturbances and complicated cognitive and social difficulties
  • or/and  students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities who are admitted to the university under the current legislation covering admission of students with disabilities.

In detail, the special admission process involves:
i) Submission of certified documents along with an application for oral and written tertiary education entrance examination for students and graduates with impairment and special educational needs or special learning disabilities, according to the law N.3699/2008
ii) Admission to tertiary education for people with a severe chronic disease certified by special 7-member hospital committees and by health committees of KE.P.A. (Centre of Disability Certification) of the IKA-ETAM healthcare services for people with:

  • Sensor disabilities blind / deaf (disability rating of 80%)
  • Motor impairments and other help problems (disability rating of 67%)
  • Rare genetic, heritable or non-heritable genetic syndromes – disorders with medical certification of disability rating of 80%

The aim of this specific service of the CSO is to assist and facilitate the academic progress of students with such special needs and disabilities. This service is highly supported by an expert counselor through one-to-one meetings, team workshops of memory skills/techniques and electronic mails/contact.


If your company/organization is in the agricultural sector and you employ or seek to employ agriculturalists/agriculture scientists, you can get information from our office on issues like:


  • The departments and specialties of the AUA graduates
  • The process of locating and reaching agriculturalists/ agriculture scientists /AUA graduates for relevant job vacancies and classified ads
  • The Careers Days and the way you can take part in the event
  • How you can assist students and young agriculturalists through the Mentoring Service/Programme
  • If you are interested to enlist your company in our directory of collaborating companies, you can complete and send the relevant Inventory Sheet.


Contact details

The CSO is under the scientific supervision of Prof. Emeritus A. Hountas, with Senior Supervisor/ Manager Ms Ioanna Skaltsa

The office is located in a ground floor building behind the Iasemidis building in the area of the New Conference Centre

Address: 75, Iera Odos 118 55
Botanikos Athens
Tel: ++30 210 529 48 16
Tel: ++30 210 529 4818+
Fax: ++30 210 529 48 84
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